Custom Displays and Promotional Product Packaging

At Third Dimension, we design beautiful and functional custom displays and promotional product packaging that will catch your customers’ attention, build brand awareness, and increase purchase motivation. 


We produce creative product packaging using the best looking and most durable materials to ensure your brand designs are effective and long lasting.

Promotional Product Packaging

Our design team will create a unique custom packaging solution for any size, shape or material your product may be.  From fine cheeses, to custom kitchen cabinet materials we excel at showcasing, protecting and creating excitement for a wide array of challenging products. 

  • Custom product boxes and bags
  • Food grade packaging
  • Sales and marketing kits

Custom Displays, Signs, Murals and Life-Sized Cutouts

We know the importance of presenting your product to the market in the best way possible.  Our stunning custom printed designs have graced the shelves of many fine stores, arrived in many mailboxes across the United States, and have travelled with the best company salespeople.


With our high quality 6 and 8 color digital printers that can print on virtually any material, we produce unique and versatile displays, signs, murals, cutouts, sales kits and more.  We are constantly improving our equipment and technology to provide you with the most unique and forward-thinking product and display solutions.

  • Display boxes, headers, signs, banners
  • Pallet displays
  • Company Sales Kit Boxes
  • Custom supports
  • Large and small wall murals
  • Cutouts in a wide variety of materials
  • Many printing finishes and materials offered including: Multi-color high res printing, UV coatings, ultra white bond paper, double folded corners, masking base and more

Quick Turn-Around and Production Test Market Runs

Our packaging process starts with very fast prototypes so we can begin production as soon as possible. We can design, produce and deliver any new test market packaging with multiple designs in cost-effective short runs, so you can quickly choose the best packaging solution for your target market.

Small to Large Runs

Our more than 600,000 square feet of facilities allow us to provide you with small to large production runs at some of the lowest costs in the industry. We have designed and manufactured creative product packaging for some of the largest and most innovative companies in America. Whatever your production needs, large or small, we can customize a stunning product packaging solution for you at an affordable price. 


6-Color Digital UV Printing with White Ink

8-Color Roll to Roll Printing


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