Protective Packaging

Save Your Products and the Environment with Third Dimension Protective Packaging Solutions.
We have saved our clients millions of dollars in damaged product and kept tons of that damaged product out of landfills with our custom product packaging solutions.


Custom protective packaging is the best way to ensure that your products arrive to their destination safely.
Designing the packaging around the product is the most effective way to keep movement to a minimum and shock absorption to a maximum. 

Protective packaging can also be aesthetically pleasing. 
We have designed protective packaging to match our clients’ branding concept, from printed boxes, custom crates, and custom cutouts to custom dyed Styrofoam.


Our talented design and engineering team can use your existing designs, suggest improvements, or create new innovative protective packaging solutions for your products.

MOLDING EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

We have the machinery, software and expertise to produce custom foam molding to perfectly fit and protect your products. 

  • Colored EPS  
  • 3-D Software technology and 3-D Printing capabilities
  • Colored EPS and Arcel
  • Presses can mold up to 70” long, 50” wide and 25” deep

Fabricated Foam

CNC Fabricating Machines, down cutters and slabbers to cut and shape Polyethylene, Cross Link and EPS Blocks.

  • Flexible and rigid foam
  • Fits perfectly to the size and shape of your product
  • Protects fragile, light and heavy weight products
  • Cost effective
  • 100% recyclable


Contour Cutting

Third Dimension offers custom contour cutting of different densities of foam for many protective packaging applications.

  • State of the art CNC machinery
  • Vibration and shock absorption
  • Fills space to prevent any movement of product
  • Spreads impact over a larger area
  • Improves the visual presentation of products


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